Every Wednesday 5-6pm, Claire Hegarty who is a Certified Trainer of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Master Time Line Therapy(R), NLP Coaching and Hypnotherapy brings you a range of topics related to Health, Wellbeing, Personal and Professional Development.

Every month a new topic is covered, which include areas such as mental health, stress busting, help with anxiety, body image, stopping smoking, confidence boosting weight loss and much more. Claire welcomes your suggestions for topics, to send in your questions and also song requests to lift your mood as its important to her that her wonderful listeners get the most value and enjoyment from her weekly shows

The music Claire plays is an eclectic mix including pop music, old time favourites and chill out music which you can get access to through https://sibforms.com/contains over 60 albums of  license free music, so is great for anyone who plays music in a professional environment to their clients and customers and also to those who like to listen for themselves.


To send Claire your questions, suggestions for topics and song requests and you can contact her during each show on studio@calonfm.com also via FB, Twitter and Instagram, you can find links to these via her homepage on www.clairehegarty.co.uk

Claire is a recognised Health and Lifestyle Expert and is Managing Director of two businesses, Tranceformations Personal and Business Excellence, through which she carries out all her one on one work with her unique and tailored hypnotherapy programmes and Emperor Training Solutions Limited through which she runs her NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner Certification trainings, Introduction To The Wizard’s Secrets Trainings and various workshops at a range of events throughout the UK. 

Claires main area of expertise is in the areas of mental health, addictions and especially the links to past trauma and abuse and has been successfully assisting clients to regain their mental health, combat addictions and heal past traumas for close to 20 years. One of Claires passions is to be able to help as many people regain control of their mental and emotional health and wellbeing so they can be their true selves and live the life they deserve and her weekly shows is one of the ways she likes to be able to help people with the tips, advice, principles and techniques she shares.

She has been working in the field of personal development now for over 20 years and as well as having a unique and wide  range of skills, techniques and qualifications to ensure she is best equipped to support her clients and students with their transformation, empowerment, learning and results, this also enables her to always be at the leading edge of her field she also has a  BSc with Honours in Chemistry and has worked as a Scientist for over 6 years, which is where her personal development journey first started in 1999

Claire is based in Chester and works all over the United Kingdom and with her reputation reaching all corners of the UK, she has clients coming from far and wide which includes London, Birmingham, Leeds and also Wales.

Being such an expert in her field means that Claire is often asked to lend her professional opinion on a range of media from radio, television and magazines, and is pleased to be able to share her advice with the Wrexham community. She would really like to be able to offer advice and answer questions either online during the show or in-between shows so please do get in touch!

If you would like to arrange a consultation appointment to explore how Claire can help you, Claire offers a range of consultation appointments, including those free of charge over the telephone

You can find all her contact details and links to her Social Media and Sound Cloud accounts on here website www.clairehegarty.co.uk

Claire also works at a range of health and wellbeing events throughout the UK including the MBS and Faery Festival events held in Llangollen, so do pop along and say hello.

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Claire covers a new topic each month related to Health, Wellbeing, Personal and Professional Development.

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