As a child of the 70’s, Kim grew up listening to a wide range of music that her parents and grandparents listened to. During the 80’s, Kim began to develop her own tastes in music and began buying records and going to gigs. During the 90’s, most of Kim’s hard earned cash went on gigs, music magazines and records; then in the 00’s, as a new mum she retreated into the decades she knew best as the music was rubbish. Although Kim likes lots of music now in the current era, Mindful Musings is heavily dominated by indie music. Join her on Thursdays from 3 til 4pm for a journey into great music and an exploration of mental health and well-being. Kim is sometimes joined by regular guests and experts in the field of mental health. It is a fun and light-hearted show despite the serious subject matter

As a 9 year old, Kim and her friend Ian would hide away recording their own radio show using a tape-to-tape recorder where hits from the Sunday Top 40 countdown would be edited in between their banter. Having her own show is therefore a dream come true and totally unexpected.

Kim has worked her way up in the NHS from hospital cleaner, to hospital café coffee maker and chief washer up, to working in the staff canteen of the hospital then a nursing assistant. Eventually Kim decided to do her nurse training and managed to reach the dizzying heights of a sisters post (band seven) as a clinical nurse specialist in pain management. Kim’s nursing career included medicine, anaesthetics and recovery, intensive care specialisms (general, liver, plastics and trauma, cardiac and neurology) and pain management. Whilst working as a clinical nurse specialist in pain management, Kim developed her own chronic pain and took some time out from nursing to rehabilitate herself mentally and physically.

During this time Kim discovered a couple of counselling courses at the then Yale College in Wrexham which sparked an interest in the emotional impact of chronic pain and long-term health conditions upon the individual and the overall lack of support in the community for those living with chronic pain and long-term health conditions. Although Kim did get back into nursing, it didn’t quite “fit” and so she left to embark upon retraining as a counsellor with the intention to specialise in chronic pain and long-term health conditions in private practice.
Kim has written about her work in pain management counselling within the journal Therapy Today, and has presented some of her research at the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy’s Research Conference. Kim is also an accredited Breathworks Mindfulness teacher offering one-to-one and group mindfulness courses (for Stress and chronic pain/long-term health conditions) and leads a drop-in monthly meditation group. For further information about Kim’s work as a BACP Accredited counsellor or mindfulness teacher please visit:

In her spare time Kim is undertaking a doctorate in counselling (chronic pain related), has two dogs which compete in agility competitions, enjoys reading, music, theatre and cinema and is a wife and very proud mother to one teenager.

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Join Kim for an hour of mindfulness as she explores the world of mental health and well being.

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