Tune in Monday evenings between 6-8pm, with Emily Louise Beech & Heather Wilson. Home Is Where The Art is a community run radio show looking to highlight the most exciting, innovating and nice artists around!

Heather Wilson is the shrill voice of reason that’s keeping Home is Where the Art is semi-on topic and moderately wholesome. Her other role as Ty Pawb’s Volunteer Coordinator makes her the show’s resident Ty Pawb propagandist and she’s even a comic artist and that too.

Emily Louise Beech is resident pantomime correspondent and covers all things Welsh (cmyraeg) including our Welsh word of the week. Somehow she also finds time to be our resident games master and opts to host rather than play because she can’t stand losing.

We love what we do and hope you enjoy listening and reading about all the wonderful creative adventures we’re currently having.​​​

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Emily and Heather discuss all things arts - with guests!

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